Delta Charger

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The Delta Battery Charger range is ideal for charging many types of batteries (SLA/Gel/Wet/AGM). The range is available in 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V output voltages with options for 230V or 110V input voltages.

These are micro processed 3 stage chargers, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected without harming the battery.

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Model Input Voltage Output
(L x W x H mm)
Battery Size
Delta1215-LED 220/240V 50Hz 12V 15A 180 x 255 x 155 9 60Ah PDF
Delta2415-LED 220/240V 50Hz 24V 15A 180 x 255 x 155 11.5 60Ah PDF

We can add a Neutrik or Cliff plug on this output which would make it ideal for the larger electric vehicles such as wheelchairs and buggies. The optional of a case with 4 extra LED’s for the current ladder, depicting the amount of current being drawn by the battery, this is a good indication as to the state of charge in case you need to use the batteries before full charge is achieved. Thus making the Delta an ideal candidate for the rigours of the cyclic application and at around 11Kg it is still a portable item.


Output voltages of 12V and 24V
Reverse polarity protection
Choice of output connectors
Option of 110V, 240V or dual voltage
Proportional timing
Overrun timer for safety
Short circuit protection
Strong powered coated steel case
CC, CV and float stage charging
Crocodile clips fitted as standard
Charge status via 3 or 7 LED’s

Not sure which charger you need?

Please find below some guidance on which charger is recommended for different battery sizes and voltages.

If you are still not sure, then please Contact Us for more information.

Model No 230V AC InputChargers6 Volt12 Volt24 Volt36 Volt48 VoltBattery Size A/hModel Number 110V AC InputCharger Dimensions
H x W x D
D2301215Delta 15AmpYes60A/h -120A/h01D1101215155 x 250 x 180mm
D2302410Delta 10AmpYes40A/h - 80A/h01D1102410155 x 250 x 180mm
D2302415Delta 15AmpYes60A/h -120A/h01D1102415155 x 250 x 180mm
D2303610Delta 10AmpYes40A/h - 80A/h01D1103610155 x 250 x 180mm
D230487.5Delta 7.5AmpYes32A/h - 64A/h01D110487.5155 x 250 x 180mm

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Delta1215-LED, Delta2415-LED