Gamma Charger

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The Gamma charger can deliver 8 or 10 Amps for the medium size batteries used in such applications as electric wheelchairs and scooters. The range is ideal for charging many types of batteries (SLA/Gel/Wet/AGM).

Output voltages of 12V,24V or 48V available. Options for 230V or 110V input voltages.

These are micro processed 3 stage chargers, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected without harming the battery. Available in singles or multi-bank solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Model Input Voltage Output
(L x W x H mm)
Battery Size
Gamma1210 220/240V 50Hz 12V 10A 165 x 170 x 145 5.5 40Ah PDF
Gamma248 220/240V 50Hz 24V 8A 165 x 170 x 145 5.5 32Ah PDF

Crocodile clips are fitted on the output leads as standard but customers can specify their own connector to mate with their own equipment. All of our yellow chargers have a self test routine when the unit is switched on to ensure the unit is functioning correctly before charging begins. The variable range on the output voltage means these units can be set for Vented, AGM, GEL and Lead calcium batteries, by our engineers as well as being set to a constant voltage for float or standby applications.


Output currents of 8 and 10 Amps
Short circuit protection
Powder coated mild steel case
Constant current, constant voltage and float stages
Proportional timing
Overrun timer for safety
Reverse polarity protection
Voltages of 12V and 24V on the output
Input voltages of 110V or 240V
Soft start current control
Crocodile clips fitted as standard
Accurate charge status via 3 LED’s

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Gamma1210, Gamma248


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