Elite Charger

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The Elite range of chargers covers the medium current requirements in both
12 and 24 Volt models. The range is ideal for charging many types of batteries (SLA/Gel/Wet/AGM)

Output voltage available of 12V,24V or 36V . Options available for 230V or 110V input voltages.These are micro processed 3 stage chargers, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected without harming the battery. Available in singles or multi-bank design for all applications.

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Model Input Voltage Output
(L x W x H mm)
Battery Size
Elite126 220/240V 50Hz 12V 6A 148 x 180 x 95 3.5 24Ah PDF
Elite128 220/240V 50Hz 12V 8A 148 x 180 x 95 3.5 32Ah PDF
Elite246 220/240V 50Hz 24V 6A 148 x 180 x 95 3.5 24Ah PDF

The robust powered coated steel case, which can be supplied in any colour, houses the microprocessor controlled electronics which can cover the recharging of a range of battery chemistries and ensures a full charge has been given when the green LED is lit. As with all of our chargers the timing circuit can be adjusted to suit individual customer’s needs. The output voltages and currents are set by our engineers as part of the testing procedure within our own UK factory, and can therefore be set precisely to any specification.


3 LED status indication
Input voltages of 110V or 240V or dual voltage
Output currents up to 8 Amps
3 stage charging
Proportional timing
Independent overrun timer
Reverse polarity protection
Output voltages of 12V and 24V
Short circuit protection
Soft start current control
Crocodile clips fitted as standard

Not sure which charger you need?

Please find below some guidance on which charger is recommended for different battery sizes and voltages.

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Model No 230V AC InputChargers6 Volt12 Volt24 Volt36 Volt48 VoltBattery Size A/hModel Number 110V AC InputCharger Dimensions
H x W x D
E2303602Elite 2AmpYes8A/h - 16A/h01E110360295 x 170 x 140mm
E2302405Elite 5AmpYes20A/h - 40A/h01E110240595 x 170 x 140mm
E2301206Elite 6AmpYes24A/h - 44A/h01E110120695 x 170 x 140mm
E2301208Elite 8AmpYes32A/h - 64A/h01E110120895 x 170 x 140mm
E2301206X5Elite 6Amp x 5Yes24A/h - 44A/h01E1101206x590 x 845 x 140mm
E2301208x5Elite 8Amp x 5Yes32A/h - 64A/h01E1101208x590 x 845 x 140mm
E2302405Elite 5Amp x 5Yes20A/h - 40A/h01E1102405x590 x 845 x 140mm

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Elite126, Elite128, Elite246