Specialist Chargers

Some specification changes such as a different voltage or a higher output current can be tweaked within standard products, for other requirements a new charging solution is required. Exegon’s specials have included 120A chargers, 3-phase chargers, Lithium chargers and 60 way chargers, to name a few.

In order for us to quote on the specification required we need is as much information as you can supply about the application. Common questions include:

What battery or batteries are you trying to recharge?

What recharge time is available?

What environment will the units be housed in?

Any size constraints?

Please complete as much detail as you can in the contact us form or give us a call on 01225 791805 to discuss and we will use our 30+ years of experience to help solve your charging problem.


Exegon’s specialist charger displays can assist customers with information such as how much charge a battery currently has. This assists customers with planning work and ensures batteries can be charged as efficiently as possible. Exegon specialist charger displays are highly accurate and can be fitted to many models as a panel mount option.

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