Exegon’s battery chargers are suitable for a number of different applications, battery types and charging locations. As UK manufacturers we work with our customers to provide the right charging solution for every application.

Chargers for Diesel Generators’ Standby Batteries

Chargers for generator batteries are crucial for keeping expensive generators working as specified. Exegon’s Delta and Omega micro processed range of battery chargers have a 3 stage charging system which can be programmed by Exegon to be a standby charger only trickle charging the generator’s battery to make sure it stays at 100% charge and is ready for use when needed.

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Battery Chargers for Cars

Exegon's range of trickle chargers are perfect for use with car batteries to lengthen lifespan and reliability of the battery by keeping the battery top charged and ready for use.

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Chargers for Mobility Scooters / Wheelchairs

Exegon's range of battery chargers for Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs provide fast, safe, reliable charging solutions that are easy to use. With models for all battery sizes and battery technologies Exegon's chargers are efficient and can be supplied with a number of different plug and connector options for increased flexibility.

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Chargers for Golf Carts

Exegon's range of Golf Cart battery chargers enable fast, reliable charging of the majority of batteries used to power Golf Carts. All sizes and types of battery can be charged and a full range of connectors, plugs and lead lengths are available for ease of use.

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Motorbike Chargers

Exegon's range of battery chargers for motorbike batteries are designed to maintain, optimise and prolong the life of any 12V battery. Available with a range of connectors and lead lengths, the Exegon chargers can be designed to work with any garage layout.

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Why choose Exegon?

35 Years' Industry Experience

The Exegon team have been continually developing new products to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for over 35 years.

British Manufacturer - In House Design and Development

Exegon is a British company delivering high quality, British designed and manufactured products nationwide and abroad.

Technical Expertise – Continually developing innovative solutions

Our in-house technical team’s in-depth knowledge of battery chargers and charging solutions enables us to develop innovative and bespoke solutions to meet customers requirements.

Quality Products – supported by ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation

Exegon’s Business Management System is accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard helping to ensure we delivery high quality products to our customers.