Designed to illuminate all remote works tasks in one easy to carry unit. 180 to 360 degree area illumination. In-built spot & flood focusing

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A Portable Multi-function Lighting System

The only portable rechargeable work light on the market which can optimally illuminate all of your remote work tasks in one single and easy to carry unit

Key Features and Benefits of the K10 Portable Worklight

  • One work light suitable for every task – no need to carry several products.
  • Integrated tripod system with 1.8m working height
  • Separate 4.5m tripod available for greater area illumination
  • Best in class useable light output for any remote lighting task
  • Mobile charging option available so light is always ready for use
  • The K10 is designed to run for up to 8 hours on a single charge and is available with lithium batteries for increased portability.
  • In built flood and spot beam angle functionality for all lighting requirements
  • Triple light head design can be positioned to give from 180 – 360 degree illumination
  • Light output can be adjusted from 8% to 150% brightness to increase light output or prolong battery life
  • Designed to incorporate the Ritelite Light Management system putting the maximum amount of light where it is needed.

Typical Uses for the K10 Portable Multi-Function Lighting System

  • 360 degree area illumination
  • 180 degree directional floodlight
  • Inspection light
  • Worklight for an enclosed environment

K10 360 degree area illumination

The K10 headlets can be positioned to give full 360 degree illumination of an area at either a 1.8m height with the integrated tripod or 4.5m height using the additional tripod and extension lead. A wide flood beam or a focused spot beam ensures optimum light for the job in hand.

K10 180 degree directional floodlight

The K10 headlets can be positioned to direct all the high power LED light in a single direction as either a wide flood light or focused spot beam. This setting could be optimal when working at the side of a rail track for example or working on a specific stationary task.

K10 inspection light

The K10’s flexibility extends with it being a lightweight high power solution for inspection or investigation situations. The ability to focus the light in a spot beam ensures that the light can reach further to identify any issues over a long distance.

K10 worklight for an enclosed environment

The K10’s multi functionality means that it is not only a great site light but also perfect for use in an enclosed environment for example by an electrician working in a power cut situation or a construction worker inside a building.

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