Exegon manufactures many different types of battery charger to charge a wide range of different battery sizes and technologies. Many chargers are available from stock from next day delivery. As UK manufacturers Exegon is able to tailor its standard product to meet specific customer requirements for example by adjusting settings or fitting required plugs and connectors.

Flexi Multi Bank Battery Chargers

The Flexi Multi Bank ranges of battery chargers are designed for customers that need to charge more than one battery at a time. Many variants are available with outputs from 12V – 24V and suitable for all battery technologies including Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium and Lithium Phosphate battery chemistries.

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IP65 Water Resistant Chargers

A compact, fully enclosed, rugged, reliable, water resistant range of chargers from 100W to 750W.


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Pro-Active Portable Desktop Battery Chargers

A range of portable, desktop battery chargers under the Pro-Active brand for professional users. Robust construction. Passive cooling technology. Quiet operation.


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Pro-Duty Heavy Duty Industrial Battery Chargers

A range of heavy duty industrial battery chargers for professional use. 110V/240V AC input. Wide range of battery configuration compatibility

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Pro-Duty Industrial Multibank Battery Chargers

The Pro-Duty Multibank range of battery chargers are designed for customers that need to charge more than one battery at a time. Supplied in 12, 24, and 36 Volt they cover a wide current requirement. UK designed and manufactured.

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Vehicle to Vehicle Battery Charger

The VEPAC range of battery chargers are designed for customers wishing to charge a battery from a battery in a vehicle.

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Specialist Chargers

Exegon’s in-house technical development team can help specify, design and produce specialist charging solutions for many different types of technology of battery and battery configurations.


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Exegon supplies a wide range of LED lighting products manufactured in the UK by Ritelite (Systems) Ltd. With solutions for almost any temporary lighting requirement the Ritelite range includes lighting products for Sports, Construction, Rail, Hire and Rental and other Industrial applications. Designed to be highly efficient yet give maximum illumination the Ritelite lighting products are reliable, robust and easy to use.

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Why choose Exegon?

35 Years' Industry Experience

The Exegon team have been continually developing new products to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for over 35 years.

British Manufacturer - In House Design and Development

Exegon is a British company delivering high quality, British designed and manufactured products nationwide and abroad.

Technical Expertise – Continually developing innovative solutions

Our in-house technical team’s in-depth knowledge of battery chargers and charging solutions enables us to develop innovative and bespoke solutions to meet customers requirements.

Quality Products – supported by ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation

Exegon’s Business Management System is accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard helping to ensure we delivery high quality products to our customers.