Chargers for Diesel Generators’ Standby Batteries

Chargers for generator batteries are crucial for keeping expensive generators working as specified. Exegon’s Delta and Omega micro processed range of battery chargers have a 3 stage charging system which can be programmed by Exegon to be a standby charger only trickle charging the generator’s battery to make sure it stays at 100% charge and is ready for use when needed.

Exegon’s Delta and Omega range of battery chargers can also be programmed to allow the charger to recharge the battery if the Generator is started and drains the battery. When the Generator stops the charger would then recharge the battery and at the end of the charge cycle the charger would resort back to the standby state.

This functionality will ensure that the generator is always ready for use. It takes away any concern that the generator might not start and helps protect expensive equipment and keep businesses operating.

Exegon has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing battery chargers and charging solutions in the UK and is always able to provide bespoke technical advice for each charging requirement. Please contact us with any specific questions you have either by phone or email and our experts will make sure they are recommending the right product for your generator.  

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