Pro-Duty Multi Way Battery Chargers

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The rugged steel case of the 5 way Beta range of battery chargers, along with the many other features, make them ideal for cyclic and industrial type applications.

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Model Input Voltage Output (Volt/Amps) Dimensions (L x W x H mm) Weight (Kg) Minimum Battery Size
Beta50602 220/240V 50Hz 6V 2A 150 x 455 x 125 11 8Ah
Beta51204 220/240V 50Hz 12V 4A 150 x 455 x 125 11 16Ah
Beta52402 220/240V 50Hz 24V 2A 150 x 455 x 125 11 8Ah

The Pro-Duty multibank Battery Chargers are designed for customers that need to charge more than one battery at a time. They are popular in the marine / car and leisure / golf markets.

The Pro-Duty Multi Way chargers are available in 6v/12v/24v voltages and range from 2Amp-10Amp current outputs. We can also supply bespoke multibank chargers at the customer’s request.

Chargers are fitted with crocodile clips as standard but a full range of bespoke connectors can be fitted if required. Please contact us for more details.

Typical Applications

Medical Equipment Battery Charger
Torch Battery Charger


6V, 12V or 24V output voltages
110V or 240V input voltages
1A up to 4A output current
Output connector options
3 stage charging
Proportional timing
3 LED status indication
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Independent overrun timer
Soft start current control

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Beta50602, Beta51204, Beta52402